Equine Facilitated Therapy (EFP) involves taking part in activities with horses that are designed to help people learn about themselves, their feelings and their behaviour. The horse and the therapist act as a team to encourage self-reflection and develop insight. This kind of therapy has a growing evidence base for resolving a range of emotional and psychological issues and for supporting positive mental health.  It works because horses are sensitive animals who are highly attuned to human emotions. Their behaviour and responses to humans serve as a mirror to help us understand ourselves better.  The COVID Crisis has required much sacrifice from so many people. From those bereaved yet unable to say goodbye to loved ones, to those suffering from mental health and emotional problems because of the hardship, fear and restrictions imposed upon us. Many people are challenged by the, loss, trauma and financial uncertainty inflicted upon us by COVID 19 and there has rarely been more need for therapeutic support.  At a time when the risks associated with room based or face to face therapies are still prohibitive, Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy offers a compelling and safer alternative to most other types of therapy.  Never have we had such a powerful need to spend time outdoors with our therapeutic equine partners, to help us understand and process our emotional turmoil and in doing so help us find inner peace.  CEGR offers equine facilitated psychotherapy and activities to children, young people and adults.